A2B project map

Click on an icon for information and video clip. Use the hand icon to move the map towards Walsall.

Any more suggestions of what we could add?


Smart phone travel app

You can download a free travel app here for Network West Midlands.

The new app keeps you informed when you’re on the move.

Get the time of your next bus, train or Metro plus traffic and journey news.


Here’s something that has been produced to go at the end of the ads. There will be a slightly different one for each film Any thoughts??

2nd day of filming- rough cuts

Pictures from the first day of filming

What do you think of the adverts so far? Please give us your feedback.

Hi ya – We thought you might like to see the first cut of the two advert movies we shot last Tuesday. It’s important to remember that these are early stages of the edit – for instance, in the car share ad there is some black onscreen because we haven’t shot that footage yet. Plus there will be text on-screen at the end, as well as a quirky little ident at the end too. Even the music is just a test, and will definitely change. So it’d be great to hear from you at this stage – to get your feedback and ideas. For example we’d like to know what kind of music you think would be good in the films.


First Cut of car share and walking ads

Filming starts on Tues 6th

Hope you all have your letters and know when you are filming. Lets hope for no rain.

Last workshop

Hope last weeks workshop with Mr Pratt was enjoyable and that you were able to develop your ideas some more. Rick and Therese will be with you today to try and finalise the ideas. Good luck

How about this for a good slogan!

Look where cycling can take you – we like this slogan, it works because it has two meanings in the context of their advert. It can take you where you need to go now, but it can also take you to life experiences.

Post your slogans for the adverts